“I always knew I wanted to study abroad, and I gave myself no other choice. My fearless moment was not when I stepped onto the continent of Australia for the first time, but an experience I created during my semester-long stay down under.

About two weeks before the last study break of the semester, I planned a trip to Thailand for myself and two friends. I have traveled with a group of people my age before, but never was I completely in charge of a trip in such a culturally and linguistically different place from America.

I had no cellular plan and no idea how to speak Thai, but for seven days, I led my friends around the jungle of Thailand and the concrete jungle of the city of Bangkok. It was an exhilarating, eye-opening experience for which I am so thankful. I have never felt prouder of myself and more accomplished than I did after that trip, and it will be one I will never forget.” ~ Sara