How to Become a Fearless Global Citizen

Fearless Global Citizens speak up about their travels and experiences – across cultures and boundaries – to help people overcome limiting fears and misconceptions that steer us apart.

As a Fearless Global Citizen, you lead by example.

Whether you are an individual, group, organization or corporation, there are many ways you can inspire community and create opportunities for fellowship among people worldwide.

Donate to an International Cause

Many organizations rely on donations and outside funding. Consider donating to such worthwhile causes as the International Institute of Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund or the Fund for Education Abroad.


Study Abroad

If you’re a student anywhere in the world, you likely have opportunities to study abroad and experience a global classroom.

Host an International Exchange Student

Open up your home and your heart to an international student as a host family!

Start a Club

Whether at school or in your community, starting a club or group will connect you with other potential Fearless Global Citizens.

Why is being a Fearless Global Citizen Important?

The journey to world peace can only be forged through true international awareness – and this can only be attained by expanding our knowledge of other countries and cultures.