Fear of missing out, commonly known as FOMO, is a phenomenon where you question your decisions and worry that other people are doing better things or having a better time. FOMO takes the wind out of your sails and leaves you adrift in a sea of “shoulda-coulda-wouldas”—not a very pleasant place to be.

One great way to avoid FOMO is to live fearlessly. The more you get out and connect with people and with your interests, the more you stop worrying about other people and become inspired by them instead.

So what does this mean? It means you have the antidote to dreaded FOMO within you.

When you follow the compass of your heart, you live life in the moment. You sacrifice some things in the journey, but you find your focus. Instead of being distracted by what others are doing or what else you could be doing, you appreciate how you found your way to the here and now. You look ahead to what you will do next and seek your best path.

So, follow your heart. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do, wherever it is that you’ve always wanted to go, identify your destination and start your journey. Whether you want to try a sport, hike a mountain, study abroad, learn a language, take a vacation, etc., once you have your goal, take steps to get yourself there—and appreciate every moment of your travels.

Talk to others who have gone before you, connect with people and get involved with organizations sharing similar aspirations and interests to chart your future fearlessly. We may each find our own individual paths through the world, but together, our stories can buffet the weary, FOMO-suffering masses and empower more people to unfurl the sails of their own fearlessness.

Let’s put an end to FOMO.

Share your adventures as fearless global citizens. The stories of your experiences, the connections you make, your adventures and the things you learn along the way can help inspire the fearlessness in others.