“My parents used to bring me places in Malaysia when I was young. When I was 21, I left for Australia for studies on my own. That was my first time travelling so far without my family. I thought I was tough, until I broke into tears when I heard my mom’s voice over the phone when I called her the day after I arrived in Australia. That was the time when I realized how much my family meant for me. That has also unleashed and triggered my desire to travel more to see the world, and to experience different cultures and meet different people.

I returned to Malaysia after I graduated. I worked for a year and I left again to become an au pair in Maryland. That was one of the best decisions I have made for myself in life thus far. That one year experience has transformed me into a better and much mature person. It has certainly opened my eyes and perceptions towards the world, things and people.

Now I am back in Malaysia with a full-time job and still actively travelling. I am very certain that I will never stop travelling nor stop being in love with it, but home is always with me in my heart.” ~ Ivy from Malaysia